5 Ways Miley Cyrus Is Totally Channeling Sinead O’Connor

When Miley Cyrus stepped out Wednesday night, we noticed more than her split-personality pants. The 20-year-old has been channeling alt-rock singer Sinead O’Connor ever since she chopped off her hair — and the black crop top and baggy jean combo she wore last night topped them all.

Check out other looks Cyrus has totally ripped off from the ’90s icon.

Miley copies Sinead’s bra-top and baggy jeans combo from her performance at the 1989 Grammy Awards:
miley cyrus sinead oconnor

Both love a good cropped top:
miley cyrus

And wearing black turtlenecks:
miley cyrus sinead oconnor

Striped pants? Sure, why not!

And both channel John Lennon by wearing ’60s-era sunglasses:
miley sunglasses

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