UNFOLDING ALL AROUND US! Pre-tribbers beginning to see end-time prophetic events "happening to you. To me. To people you love"

By Mike Shoesmith
I can remember many years ago listening to Dr David Jeremiah’s extensive teaching on the book of Revelation and being mesmerized by the imagery painted by this man I assumed was correct. But as I began to actually study the end-time prophecies I realized we were already well into the trumpet days and in fact were staring at the seventh trumpet ‘rapture’ of the church.
Interestingly the timing may well mirror that of the pre-tribbers’ own musings on the topic which places the rapture at Rev 4:1 and these teachers, like brother Jeremiah, believe it is imminent, just as we do.
So we stand united with our pre-trib brethren on this topic. Just as brother Jeremiah says – “it is happening to you. To me. To people you love.”

From David Jeremiah

It is happening to you. To me. To people you love.
Bible prophecy is unfolding all around us.
As you read these words, events predicted in the Scriptures are taking place — more rapidly than we have seen previously.
God’s plan is happening.
And in a world where prophetic events are occurring almost daily, you need a biblical perspective on the news.

  • What is really happening in Israel and the Middle East on a prophetic level?

  • How are oil and energy significant in the end-times?

  • Prophetic relevance of the European Union

  • Does Islam’s advancements factor into God’s prophetic plan?

  • What role does Iran and Russia play in Bible prophecy? (I believe you will be surprised.)

You need to understand it. Let me help you respond to the latest headlines through the “filter” of Bible prophecy — not only for your own sake, but for the sake of those whom God has placed in your life … family, friends, and neighbors.
You do not need to fear the future!

God bless you,David Jeremiah SignatureDavid Jeremiah

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