2014 Toyota Tundra Items to Modify – What’s Your List?

A few days ago, Pickuptrucks.com ran a story about how they would “fix” the issues Toyota “seems” to ignore. While that viewpoint is definitely debatable, it did get us thinking. What would you modify first if you bought a 2014 Tundra?

2014 Toyota Tundra Items to Modify - What's Your List?

This grille makes me want to grab a can of Plasti Dip. What about you?

Full-size pickup trucks are easy targets for “customization” and in fact, the average owner is said to spend $5k+ over the life of ownership making changes to the truck. And with any new truck, there are definitely people who either love it, hate it or can’t stop criticizing its shortcomings. While this site and others have long-winded debates on the new model, our question is a bit different. What would you do to it to make it better? Is it a lot or a little?

Here is my list of items.

  • New Grille on certain trims. The grille is big and bold (if you like that kind of thing). Yet, it is a bit over the top and polarizing. I like some of the aftermarket grilles and I think one of the them would keep the same idea of a large truck without being so brash.
  • New wheels. As many people have pointed out the wheels aren’t that great looking. Thankfully, there are plenty of aftermaket options that this truck could definitely use.
  • Bed improvements. One of my biggest criticisms of the new truck is that it seems they overlooked the bed. Looking at the competition, they all have either new features to help the owner get into the bed or bed boxes for storage. Toyota seems to have stayed the course with their bed rail system. Why not do something?
  • I am going to avoid the whole power train issue since it has been well debated by both sides.

    That is my short list. What features would you like to modify?

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