Calculate Your Marriage Tax On The Handy Obamacare Premium Calculator

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Call it a marriage tax, or a marriage glitch, – glitch seems to be the word of the week – or a wedding tax, but whatever you call it the marriage penalty in Obamacare stinks. Tom Blumer wrote about it earlier.

The third tragic outcome of Obamacare is what it will do to marriages and families. In January 2010, two months before Obamacare’s passage, the estimable Robert Rector at the Heritage Foundation gave the impact a name: the “wedding tax.” …

If they have identical earnings totaling $65,000, which will usually net down to $50,000 or below after all income and payroll taxes, their Obamacare exchange Silver Plan premium next year with the same earnings will be $16,382, or about one-third of what used to be their take-home pay. (And they call it the “Affordable Care Act”?)

What can this couple do? Well, they could decide to earn a few thousand dollars less, which will negate the five-figure premium hit. Encouraging ordinarily willing workers to put in less effort isn’t good in any economy, but especially not this one. But if either spouse’s earnings are unpredictable or hard to precisely track, they could still “mess up” and get socked with a premium they can’t afford.

The “easiest” solution would be to avoid the “wedding tax” entirely by getting divorced while still living together.

Read the whole thing. Here’s the calculator, courtesy of the Kaiser Family Foundation, so you can figure it out for your own situation. (If you’re a tobacco user be sure to answer “yes” to find out how much extra you’ll be paying.)

This wedding penalty makes me wonder why the gay community is pushing for same sex marriage. They might find out they were better off simply living together. It also makes me think that this is all part of the progressive plan to destroy traditional families.

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