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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle and Nathan Fight About His Excessive Drinking

July 23, 2014 7:09 pm0 comments
Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle and Nathan Fight About His Excessive Drinking

It’s a new season, so we’re putting a new spin on our weekly Teen Mom 2 recaps. Instead of having @BabsEvansMTV weigh in, though that was clearly entertaining, we’re instead going to recap the biggest moments that each girl …

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Teen Mom Week in Review: Jenelle Evans Tweets Final Pregnancy Selfie and More News

June 23, 2014 9:07 am0 comments
Teen Mom Week in Review:  Jenelle Evans Tweets Final Pregnancy Selfie and More News

Baby bumps, Twitter feuds, anniversaries and more, here’s this week’s biggest Teen Mom news stories that you need to get on your radar as we speak.

WATCH: The Trailer for Teen Mom 2 is Here!

As the countdown to Kaiser …

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Babies! Babs! Binge-Drinking?! Watch The Trailer For The Second Half of Teen Mom 2 Season 5!

June 16, 2014 8:00 am0 comments
Babies! Babs! Binge-Drinking?! Watch The Trailer For The Second Half of Teen Mom 2 Season 5!


It’s been speculated for months (until Kailyn Lowry accidentally confirmed it to us last month) that Teen Mom 2 was coming back, and now we can officially confirm that yes, it is indeed true! Season 5B, as MTV is calling …

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Teen Mom 2 Preview: Jenelle Evans Tells Nathan She’s Pregnant!

March 31, 2014 5:54 am0 comments
Teen Mom 2 Preview: Jenelle Evans Tells Nathan She’s Pregnant!

Despite a few unsuccessful attempts and a false alarm which ended up just being a side effect from her abortion, Jenelle Evans finally gets pregnant on this week’s Teen Mom 2. Yay! We think? And we have the exclusive …

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‘Teen Mom’ Week in Review: Maci and Kailyn Go To The Hospital, Jenelle Gets a Hair (and Life) Makeover and More

June 24, 2013 1:05 pm0 comments
‘Teen Mom’ Week in Review: Maci and Kailyn Go To The Hospital, Jenelle Gets a Hair (and Life) Makeover and More

We’ve gotta say, it was quite the eventful week for the ladies of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, from visits to the hospital to buying houses to breakups to nude photo shoots (guess who did that last one! Quick!). Read on to see the latest news surrounding Maci Bookout, Chelsea Houska, Jenelle Evans and more of your faves!

Photos: The Teen Moms’ Best #Throwback Pics

Maci Bookout had a bit of an ER scare this weekend with her adorable son, Bentley. Maci posted on Instagram that her kiddo wasn’t feeling well so she took him to the hospital, only to find out that luckily all he had was strep throat. What a trooper! Hope he enjoyed that well-deserved popsicle.

And speaking of hospital visits, pregnant Kailyn Lowry spent some time in the ER this weekend, too. Kail, Javi and Isaac enjoyed a day at the beach on Saturday, but Kail tweeted  that she was rushed to the hospital for dehydration. She’s totally fine now though, and even posted this pic on Instagram the next day of her and her little babe having fun in the waves. We sorta kinda see that baby bump under that (weird) shirt!

Photos: The Teen Mom Baby Daddies from Best to Worst

In other sad Teen Mom news, Chelsea Houska is back on the market. Chels tweeted that and her online beau, Andrew Craft, were dunzo, saying “you broke the wrong heart baby, you’re only going to let me down.” Those could technically just be Dierks Bentley song lyrics (we all know she’s a fan), but we’re going to go out on a limb and say that the tweets have something to do with the end of her relationship.  But the relationship wasn’t that serious and Chels is doing juuuust fine. She posted this adorable pic of her and her girls the next day! #GirlsNight

Photos: The Original Teen Mom’s Best Instagrams

As for Jenelle Evans? Oh ya know, she’s just enjoying life with her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. The two bought a house together and are now officially roomies, and Jenelle has been tweeting up a storm about he’s the love of her life and makes her so happy etc. She also just dyed her hair brown and is apparently getting to see Jace more on the weekends, so maybe she really is trying to go for a whole new and improved Jenelle? Only time will tell, we guess, but we’re definitely rooting for her.

Farrah Abraham, meanwhile, is continuing her quest for porno world domination. She participated in a photo shoot on the beach which is an average Thursday for Farrah, but this time, she was topless. You can see the nude pics here if you’re so inclined, but in this pic below she is clothed. That’s just more our speed:

OK! News: Which Teen Mom 3 Star Bashed Farrah’s Sex Tape?

But now? Let’s end our Teen Mom Week in Review on a high-note with a cute baby! Here’s the first official video we’ve ever seen of Leah and Jeremy Calvert’s baby daughter, Adalynn, posted by a friend of theirs on Vine. That baby is Jeremy’s spitting image and it’s freaking us out.

Photos: What Happened With The Teen Moms Last Week?

What was your favorite Teen Mom moment of the week? Are you happy for Jenelle and Nathan or are they moving too fast? Tweet us @OKMagazine!

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‘Teen Mom’ Week in Review: Jenelle Poses in Bed With Her Boyfriend, Leah and Jeremy Film Season 5 and more

June 18, 2013 7:12 am0 comments
‘Teen Mom’ Week in Review: Jenelle Poses in Bed With Her Boyfriend, Leah and Jeremy Film Season 5 and more

And we’re back with this week’s Teen Mom Week in Review, which is full of everything from nip slips to baby bumps. Keep reading to see what the lovely MTV ladies (and their gents) have been up to in the past few days and why we now know that season 5 is totally back on…

Photos: Who Took Home The Prize for Best Teen Mom Baby Daddy?

Nope, there still hasn’t been an official announcement from MTV that Teen Mom 2 season 5 is underway, but we’re not idiots. We know it’s a go, guys! For one, a tattoo parlor employee confirmed that an MTV crew was present when Javi Marroquin went in with Kailyn to get another tattoo. And two? This! Leah Calvert tweeted about a camera crew following her and Jeremy around in Las Vegas, where this adorable new pic was taken. Can’t fool us, MTV.

Kailyn Lowry still hasn’t confirmed her pregnancy (though those baby bump pics don’t lie), but she’s already picking out baby names! Kail tweeted that she is thinking of the name Coco for a baby girl, but that her friend wasn’t so into the idea. This doesn’t mean Kail’s having a girl necessarily, maybe just that she wants one. Because let’s be real, Isaac would be super cute with a baby sister.

Poll: Vote for Teen Mom As Your Favorite Show About Pregnancy

And speaking of really cute baby girls, Chelsea Houska and Aubree have officially launched a website! is Chelsea’s new fashion site where she’ll be sharing her style picks with her fans and highlighting new pieces in her jewelry collection that are available for purchase. Seriously hoping there are going to be leopard print dog accessories on there, because that’s what Chelsea’s fans really want. Let’s be real.

Oh, and we might as well throw this in because it’s cute—here’s Chelsea’s daughter Aubree leaning on the baby belly of Adam’s soon-to-be baby mama, Taylor Halbur. Guess she’s all set to be a big (half) sis!

And speaking of semi-scandalous pics, check out Jenelle Evans’ latest photo with her boyfriend, Nathan, which is probably more graphic than any of these other pics of them together. Is she trying to show off her back tattoo or her favorite position for um, napping? We’ll let you decide.

Photos: Twitter Pics of Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith

As for the original Teen Mom girls? Maci Bookout’s gearing up for a dance competition! Nope, she’s not on Dancing With The Stars (yet), but Bentley’s mama is partaking in a local competition called Dare to Dance which is a fundraiser, too. Peep the pretty pic of her and her dance partner!

Oh right, Farrah Abraham. How could we forget? After Farrah confirmed the news that she got a second boob job—she went from a C cup to a solid D—she suffered a bit of a nip slip at an event in Las Vegas. Too small bikini or too big boobs? We’re gonna go with both (but mostly the latter).

Photos: What it Was Like Meeting Nev Schulman from MTV’s Catfish

OK! News: Read Charlie Sheen’s Harsh Rejection Letter to Farrah Abraham

What do you think was the biggest Teen Mom headline of the week? Tweet us @OKMagazine!

Photo credit: 
Instagram/Splash News

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7 Celebrities That Need An Immediate Intervention

June 13, 2013 12:56 pm0 comments
7 Celebrities That Need An Immediate Intervention

On A&E’s hit show, Intervention, we see people going through some of the hardest scenarios of their lives. And in the world of celebrities, some people also need serious life-changing help (Amanda Bynes we’re talking to you!), but others could really use a subtle intervention that would make life a lot better. From Kim Kardashian‘s poor footwear choices to Harry Styles‘ obsession with tattoos, we kinda just want to have a heart-to-heart with these celebs and tell them to, well, stop it already!  

Watch: See What Chad Ochocinco Did To Get Thrown In Jail

1. Kim Kardashian. When pictures hit the Internet of Kim’s feet looking like they were being tortured in too-tight heels, we cringed. We know it must be hard for Kim to give up her favorite shoes due to pregnancy-induced swollen feet, but c’mon—if shoes do that to your feet, you probably shouldn’t wear them. Start wearing flats more often, please. 

OK! News: Find Out How Much Kourtney Kardashian is Worth

2. The Giudice/Gorga clan. Any warm-blooded Italian knows that family comes first no matter what, so the dragged out RHONJ drama needed to stop, like, yesterday. It seems that Teresa and Melissa have been taking steps to get along better, but we kinda just want to knock some sense into them all—enough is enough! 

OK! Exclusive: Is Gretchen Rossi Ditching Her Signature Blonde Locks?

3. Demi Lovato admitted to Ellen that the reasoning behind her ever-changing hair is a bipolar disorder, but from black to blonde and back again, we feel for your hair, girl.

Watch: Does Demi Lovato Like The New X-Factor Judges?

4. Jenelle Evans. Oh Jenelle, what are we going to do with you? After dating/getting engaged/fighting with what seems like dozens of guys, we just want the Teen Mom 2 star to find happiness with a guy who loves her an treats her well. We’re totally Team Jenelle here, people.

Photos: Sweet Moments Between Celeb Parents and their Kids

5. Harry Styles. As one of the OK! Editors recently said, “he looks like a sticker book.” Enough tattoos, Harry. Enough tattoos. 

OK! News: Check Out One Direction’s New Fragrance 

6. The Duggars. Anyone who has a show called 19 Kids and Counting probably needs someone to step in a say enough is enough, ya know? Even though Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar haven’t had another baby in quite some time, their oldest son Josh and his wife Anna have taken over right where their parents left off.

OK! News: 23 Things We Learned From RHOBH

7. Kim Richards. Anyone who constantly tweets about her love for turtles probably needs a little. Kim always gives us a good laugh, though, so we’re not totally against her turtle obsession.

Intervention airs tonight at 9pm ET on A&E. Are you going to watch? Which celeb do you think needs an intervention? Tweet us @OKMagazine and let us know! 

Photo credit: 
Getty, INF, Twitter, SplashNews, Facebook

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Must-See New Twitter Pics of Jenelle Evans And Her Boyfriend

June 12, 2013 1:36 pm0 comments
Must-See New Twitter Pics of Jenelle Evans And Her Boyfriend
Nathan Griffith Jenelle Evans Pics
Nathan Griffith Jenelle Evans Pics
Nathan Griffith Jenelle Evans Pics
Nathan Griffith Jenelle Evans Pics
Nathan Griffith Jenelle Evans Pics
Nathan Griffith Jenelle Evans Pics
Nathan Griffith Jenelle Evans Pics
Nathan Griffith Jenelle Evans Pics
Nathan Griffith Jenelle Evans Pics

Photo credit: 

We think Jenelle Evans had made her point that she really loves her new boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, and that he has abs of steel. It’s pretty clear especially on her Twitter page, where Jenelle has been posting pics all week long of her and ‘Nate,’ Nate’s six pack, Nate at the beach, Nate at the bar, Nate at the gym. You get the point.

OK! Exclusive: Catelynn and Tyler on Tonight’s Couples Therapy

Check out our favorite assortment of pics posted online by Jenelle below, then go directly to her media grid on Twitter for her captions. It’s way more fun for us to write our own here than copy and paste hers.

Watch: Farrah Abraham’s Awkward Interview on Howard Stern

What do you think of Jenelle’s new relationship? Is she jumping into things too quickly or does he seem like the real deal? Tweet us @OKMagazine or leave a note on our Teen Mom Facebook page!

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‘Teen Mom’ Week in Review: Corey Gets Married in Jeans, Kailyn Poses in a Wedding Dress and More

June 10, 2013 12:43 pm0 comments
‘Teen Mom’ Week in Review: Corey Gets Married in Jeans, Kailyn Poses in a Wedding Dress and More

Can we officially declare this week’s Teen Mom Week in Review our most eventful one ever? From weddings to new boyfriends (and we’re not just talking about Jenelle’s) to new haircuts, it’s been a pretty eventful seven days. Read on to see what’s happening with Jenelle, Kailyn, Farrah, Chelsea and more!

Photos: The Best Parents of the Teen Mom Cast

As we said on Friday, Corey Simms married his girlfriend, Miranda Patterson, over the weekend. But instead of being happy for the new couple, everyone is focusing on the fact that Corey wore jeans and a plaid button down to his wedding. We thought it was just because it was his second wedding and so he just didn’t care what he wore, but Corey’s dad, Jeff, tweeted that his outfit was planned and that it went with the wedding’s yellow and white color scheme. Guess a yellow boutineer just wasn’t going to cut it.

And speaking of weddings, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin finally had their dream wedding this weekend too! JK. Not yet. But they did pose for photographer Kate Hendricks in full-on wedding attire to support same-sex marriage. Kind of obsessed with this adorable shot of Javi, Isaac and that other guy:

As for Kailyn? She’s still hiding that baby bump of hers. In this adorable pic she posted on Instagram of herself and Isaac at a waterpark, she’s all scrunched over so we can’t even get a glimpse of baby-Marroquin-to-be. How rude.

But enough about weddings. Let’s talk about dating. Jenelle Evans seems to be loving life with her new underwear model boyfriend, Nathan. She even addressed the new romance on her Sulia page, saying that she met him online about 6 weeks ago and that even though there have been rumors circulating about him that he’s a cheater and whatever, she is happy. Well, good for her.

But with good Jenelle news comes bad Jenelle news. Gary Head took to Twitter to say that Jenelle’s miscarriage, and thus pregnancy that she announced in January, was fake. That’s just sick if you ask us, but then again, this is Jenelle and Gary we’re talking about. Nothing surprises us anymore.

And speaking of online dating, has Chelsea Houska also found love online? Chels has been chatting it up over the interwebs with Andrew Craft, a construction worker from Florida, for about a week now. They haven’t officially met in person, but they’ve reportedly exchanged numbers. And BTW, this is apparently him. Holy six pack:

Farrah Abraham has been riding high on the wave of her porno promotional tour, getting paid to sign autographs, take pictures, and appear at clubs around the country. There’s not much new to report on that front, except for that one time when Farrah did a radio interview where she insisted that she wasn’t a porn star. Here’s a link to the entire interview, where she actually sounds semi literate.

And lastly, in today’s BEST NEWS EVER, Teen Mom 2 is coming back for a season 5! Even though there’s still been no comment from MTV, all signs point to yes that there is a new season in the works. We’re waiting with baited breath for the official announcement, guys!

And let’s end on a high note—Bentley Edwards, Maci Bookout‘s son, got a mohawk. Life just doesn’t get cuter than this.

OK! News: Read Last Week’s Teen Mom Week in Review

What was your favorite Teen Mom story of the week? Tweet us @OKMagazine or leave a comment on our Teen Mom Facebook page!

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Meet Jenelle Evans’ New Underwear Model Boyfriend—Nathan Griffith

June 7, 2013 10:32 am0 comments
Meet Jenelle Evans’ New Underwear Model Boyfriend—Nathan Griffith

Even though Jenelle Evans is still technically married, albeit separated, from her husband, Courtland Rogers, that’s not stopping the Teen Mom 2 star from moving on with her dating life. She’s said herself that she’s addicted to relationships, and now it’s all coming together.

Photos: The Best Parents of the Teen Moms

Because Jenelle has officially started dating a new guy named Nathan Griffith. He’s an underwear model, so that’s weird, but the good news is that he actually has a job, right? Here’s the pic Jenelle tweeted of him saying “Fine, here’s a preview of him, geeeeeze lol.” Who cares what his face looks like with a bod like this:

OK! News: All The Latest in Teen Mom News

But here’s what his face actually looks like, if you’re curious:

And the two are already getting pretty serious. Jenelle’s been tweeting lately about how “happy” she is, and Nathan’s already met Jenelle’s mom, Barbara, and her son, Jace. Barbara approves of Nathan,  but then again, Barbara also approved of Gary Head when she first met him, only later to find out that he assaulted Jenelle. Yikes.

Oh, and here’s the kicker—Nathan and Jenelle met on Monday. Yup. Today is their three day anniversary. Congrats, you guys.

Photos: Jenelle, Kailyn and More Adorable Teen Mom Pets

What do you think of Jenelle’s new boyfriend, Nathan? Should she take some time to herself or jump right into another relationship? Tweet us @OKMagazine or leave a note on our Teen Mom Facebook page!

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‘Teen Mom’ Parents: Babs Evans, Randy Houska, Dawn Spears And More Teen Moms and Dads We Love

June 5, 2013 12:51 pm0 comments
‘Teen Mom’ Parents: Babs Evans, Randy Houska, Dawn Spears And More Teen Moms and Dads We Love
Randy Houska
Sharon Maci Bookout
Dawn Leah Messer
Jeff Simms
Farrah Dad Michael Abraham
Debra Danielson
April Baltierra
Barbara Jenelle Evans

Photo credit: 

Last week we gave the pets of the Teen Mom cast some love, so today? We’re saying thank you to the parents of Jenelle, Catelynn, Chelsea, Leah, and yes, even Farrah, who we love so very much.

Photos: The Cutest Teen Mom Pets

Whether it’s because they’re amazing parents (and grandparents) or just because they make for some downright entertaining television, see why we heart Randy Houska, Dawn Spears, Sharon Bookout, Barbara Evans and more so darn much.

OK! News: Details on the New Show, My Teen Is Pregnant and So Am I

Which Teen Mom parent is your favorite? Anyone we forgot? Tweet us @OKMagazine and tell us your favorite on our Teen Mom Facebook page!

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‘Teen Mom’ Week in Review: Farrah Might Be a Lesbian, Jenelle’s Baby Daddy Criticizes Her and More

June 3, 2013 12:51 pm0 comments
‘Teen Mom’ Week in Review: Farrah Might Be a Lesbian, Jenelle’s Baby Daddy Criticizes Her and More

Welcome back to Teen Mom Week in Review, people! This Monday’s post is jam-packed with news considering last week was a holiday, so get excited to see what our fave reality peeps have been up to this week. From weddings to sexual confessions to brand new tattoos, it’s pretty juicy…

Photos: The Teen Mom Cast and Their Adorable Pets

Farrah Abraham, as we know, had her big 2-2 last Friday, and she celebrated in a way that only Farrah Abraham would—at a stop on her XXX exotica tour. Farrah had a paid appearance at night club in Florida to ring in her birthday, where we hear she charged fans $20 to take a picture with her. Whaaaaa? But clearly Farrah had a good time, posting this drunken video to Keek at 2am where she says she doesn’t like boys anymore and had some birthday fun with some ladies. Moving right along…

Photos: 22 Things Farrah Abraham Needs For Her 22 Birthday

We all know that Kailyn Lowry and her hubby Javi Marroquin are really into tattoos, as this new picture below can prove. But now, Kailyn is planning to get the face of one of her dogs added to her sleeve! We knew that Kail and Javi were pet people, but what do you think? Too far?

While Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are getting ready for next week’s premiere of Couples Therapy, they were boozing it up this weekend at Tyler’s mom, Kim’s, wedding! Look at the adorbs pics of the happy couple and of the other couples and their friends. Think they invited April and Butch? Geniuinely curious.

And speaking of weddings, Corey Simms tweeted that next week is his and Miranda’s big day! We knew they were getting married in June, but now it’s official that Leah’s ex is tying the knot with his (gorgeous) new girlfriend in just a few days. Cannot WAIT to see the pics of the twins in their flower girl outfits, you guys!

And what’s a weekly news recap without some Jenelle Evans drama? Here’s the twist though—this time, it has nothing to do with Kieffer, Gary or Courtland. Instead, Andrew, Jace’s biological father, is speaking out about how Jenelle is an unfit mother and how Jenelle never allows him to see his son. From watching Teen Mom 2 it seemed like Andrew wanted nothing to do with Jace, so now we’re just confused. Whose side do you believe?

Oh, and while we’re talking about Teen Mom 2, could a season 5 be in the works after all? Jenelle tweeted on June 2 that she was hanging out with her director, and unless she’s got a porno a la Farrah that we don’t know about, director refers to the director of Teen Mom 2. Here’s to hoping this isn’t a joke because we need these gals back on our TVs pronto.

OK! News: Is Jenelle Evans Pregnant Again?!

What do you think is the most shocking story in this week’s news? Do you think Teen Mom 2 is coming back for season 5? Tweet us @OKMagazine or leave a comment on our Teen Mom Facebook page!

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‘Teen Mom’ Pets: The Cutest Pics of The Teen Moms’ Other Babies

May 30, 2013 1:34 pm0 comments
‘Teen Mom’ Pets: The Cutest Pics of The Teen Moms’ Other Babies
Jenelle Evans and Dog Brody
Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra Pets
Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra Pets
Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra Pets
Chelsea Houska Pets
Farrah Abraham Pet
Kailyn Lowry Javi Pets
Leah Jeremy Calvert Pets
Leah Jeremy Calvert Pets
Maci Bookout Pets

Photo credit: 
Instagram, Twitter

In addition to their actual human babies, the Teen Moms are parents to some furry little friends. Why have we never talked about their pets before? We’ve talked about their boyfriends and their legal drama but not their pets? Not so sure, but we figured now would be as great a time as ever to make an entire gallery devoted to their animals’ cuteness.

Photos: A Look Back at the Teen Mom Relationships

Click through to see adorable pics of Kailyn, Maci, Jenelle and the other Teen Mom gals and their pups and kittens with their adorable kiddies. It’s really hard to choose which one’s cuter.

Photos: Which Teen Mom Did We Crown As Our Favorite?

Which Teen Mom pet is the cutest? Tweet us @OKMagazine or leave us a comment on ourTeen Mom Facebook page!

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Is Jenelle Evans Pregnant With Gary Head’s Baby?! See What Their Leaked Private Messages Reveal

May 28, 2013 11:05 am0 comments
Is Jenelle Evans Pregnant With Gary Head’s Baby?! See What Their Leaked Private Messages Reveal

Gary Head celebrated his birthday last week with his ex, Jenelle Evans. And now Wetpaint is reporting that Jenelle could be giving him a present he doesn’t necessarily want—a baby.

OK! News: You’ll Never Guess How Farrah Abraham Plans to Celebrate Her Birthday

Gary took to twitter to air their dirty laundry after yet another falling out:

“Leave you alone!?!?! Just Wednesday you were all on my d —. You have issues. #KicksRocksHoe,” Gary tweeted.

OK! Investigates: See How Much the Stars of Teen Mom 2 Are Earning

He then followed that up with another tell-all tweet: “You told me you were going to get an abortion. Don’t play me for stupid. I’ll leak all your secrets might wanna #keepHush.”

Wetpaint reveals that both messages have since been deleted. So Gary wasn’t serious about leaking any more of Jenelle’s secrets, but the person who recently hacked her Twitter account certainly was. Click here to check out the private messages about the possible pregnancy the culprit made public.

OK! News: Seven Court Etiquette Lessons Amanda Bynes Could Learn From Jenelle Evans

Do you think Jenelle could actually be pregnant? Tell us in the comments section or tweet us @OKMagazine.


Photo credit: 
Twitter/Splash News

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7 Court Etiquette Lessons Amanda Bynes Can Learn from Lindsay Lohan and Jenelle Evans

May 24, 2013 7:44 am0 comments
7 Court Etiquette Lessons Amanda Bynes Can Learn from Lindsay Lohan and Jenelle Evans

Amanda Bynes got arrested late last night for throwing a bong out her window, and this AM, she showed up to court looking like a hot mess. She was wearing the same sweatpants, tee shirt, and terrible blonde Barbie wig that she wore the night of the arrest. No. Just no, Amanda. Take a pointer from court-going experts Jenelle Evans and Lindsay Lohan. Yes, even they can teach her a thing or two. Like…

OK! News: Jenelle Evans Explains Why She Missed Her Court Date


Always bring a change of shoes. Flip flops are never appropriate in the court room, so always have a good ol’ pair of backups on the ready in the backseat.

But make sure the shoes you choose are comfy. You never want the paparazzi to catch you like this:

Always have outfit options. LiLo wore two outfits in one day to a court appearance in 2011, and that got people talking about her clothing choices instead of her misdemeanors. So brilliant.

Bring a friend with you. Or a boyfriend. You always need moral support in these situations. And of course, always wear your finest from Victoria’s Secret, but that’s a given.

No friend or boyfriends available that day? Bring your mom, especially if her name is Dina Lohan.

Make sure the entire process is being recorded, either on your own personal flip cam, the paparazzi, or by a TV crew. That way you can relive the moment forever!

Look happy. Even if the verdict is not so good, walking out with a smile can tease the press into thinking you’re off the hook. Worked like a charm for Lindsay, no?

OK! News: Find Out How Lindsay Lohan is Doing in Rehab

What do you think Amanda can learn from Lilo and Jenelle? Do you think Amanda’s arrest was legit? Tweet us @OKMagazine!

Photo credit: 
Splash News

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Jenelle Evans Writes an Excuse on Her Blog For Why She Missed Her Court Date

May 23, 2013 7:25 am0 comments
Jenelle Evans Writes an Excuse on Her Blog For Why She Missed Her Court Date

On May 20, Jenelle Evans missed her court hearing. Then, she turned herself into jail for a few hours because she knew she was going to get busted anyway. But what happened? Did Jenelle just forget? Was she under the influence and unable to attend? Was she at a Ke$ha concert? These are all serious questions.

Photos: A Look Back at the Teen Mom 2 Relationships

So, Jenelle took to her personal blog (which we didn’t even know she had, so you learn something new every day) to address the issue. She titled the entry “Court Issue LOL,” so there’s that. Read her full entry here.


OK! Exclusive: How Much is Jenelle Evans Worth?

But we’ll sum it up for you. Jenelle writes that she was away with Babs and Jace visiting her brother, who lives 6 hours away, when she got a call from Dustin that she was supposed to be in court. Firstly, since when does Jenelle have a brother? Secondly, was there a Ke$ha concert going on in North Carolina on that day? Was that what she was really doing? We all remember that on season three of Teen Mom 2, she couldn’t go to jail on a certain day because she had to see her idol in concert, so that’s why we make that joke. Sorry if we’re being insensitive.

Photos: 13 Things We Learned from Teen Mom 2

Do you think Jenelle’s excuse is legit? What do you think of her addressing the issue instead of just letting it slide? Tweet us @OKMagazine or tell us on our Teen Mom Facebook page!

Jenelle Evans Missed Court Hearing

Photo credit: 
Splash News

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OK! Investigates: Teen Mom 2’s Money—Find Out How Much Kailyn Lowry Is Worth!

May 22, 2013 11:06 am0 comments
OK! Investigates: Teen Mom 2’s Money—Find Out How Much Kailyn Lowry Is Worth!

In the last of our special feature, OK! Investigates: Teen Mom 2’s Money, we are looking at Kailyn Lowry.

Kailyn is seen as one of the more stable and sensible Teen Moms, and with a supportive husband and a good job, she certainly earns that title—and although the 21-year-old isn’t a millionaire like fellow reality mom Farrah Abraham, she’s living comfortably, without resorting to porn, or multiple magazine covers, to make bank!

Kailyn Lowry is a very grounded Teen Mom with a carer as a dental asistant and a hubby in the air force

Kailyn, who is expecting baby number two with hubby Javi Marroquin, lives a much lower profile life than Farrah, Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska and Leah Messer, rarely popping up in the pages of the weekly tabloids or in secretly sold “exclusive” paparazzi photos—and there’s a reason for that!

OK! Investigates: Jenelle Evans’ Net Worth

Lowry choses to live a much quieter life and is determined to provide a stable, happy homelife for her adorable son, Isaac.

With that aim in mind, Kailyn recently started work as a dental assistant, where she earns $32,000 per annum.

Kailyn is mom to adorable little Isaac, 3, and her hubby Javi Marroquin is a devoted stepdad

In addition, Javi is employed full time in the air force, bringing home a decent wage (approximately $2,000 per month) to support his growing family as well as providing full medical benefits for his wife and stepson and paid housing.

OK! Investigates: How Much Is Farrah Abraham Worth?

Unlike many working moms, Kailyn is lucky enough to not have to spend her hard earned cash on child minding fees as Javi’s family live near by and look after Isaac while his mom heads to work.

Meanwhile, Isaac’s dad, Jo Rivera has had trouble in the past meeting his child support payments, but a source says he is currently up to date and is—for now—regularly contibuting towards the support of his son, although with his sketchy income pattern, the amount, at this time, remains more on the side of “negligible.”

Then there’s Kailyn’s Teen Mom money. 

OK! Investigates: How Much is Leah Messer Worth?

In line with her co-stars, Kailyn earns $75,000 per season plus a $20,000 bonus, but unlike some of her other co-stars, she’s careful with how she spends it!

Kailyn and Javi wed in a super low key, secretive, courthouse ceremony last September

Kailyn tries hard to save as much as she can and is sensible about her outgoings. 

OK! Investigates: How Much is Chelsea Houska Worth?

Case in point, Kailyn and Javi have decided to sideline plans for the large fall wedding they were planning (they were married in a quiet courthouse ceremony last September) to concentrate instead on their new baby who is due this fall.

When you add up the numbers, Kailyn is worth a respectable $35,000.

Congratulations! Kailyn and Javi are expecting their first child together, due this fall!

The future is certainly looking bright for Kailyn, Javi, Isaac and baby-to-be!

Who is your favorite Teen Mom? Sound off in comments below and tweet us @OKMagazine

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Jenelle Evans Is In Jail Again! See Her Latest (Smiley!) Mug Shot

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Jenelle Evans Is In Jail Again! See Her Latest (Smiley!) Mug Shot

This morning we woke up only to find out that Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans got arrested again. Just another Tuesday, eh? But this time, Jenelle turned herself in. Yup.

OK! Investigates: How Much is Jenelle Evans Worth?

As we reported yesterday, Jenelle was due in court around 9:30am on Monday for a hearing on the cyber-stalking charges from Gary Head. But, for whatever the reason, Jenelle showed up late to her hearing. So instead of waiting around for the cops to arrest her for failing to show up, she turned herself into Brunswick County Jail in North Carolina and posted (and smiled!) for this mug shot. What’s this, like, her seventh one now?

But don’t worry, guys. Jenelle is out of the slammer already. She got released pretty quickly on $1,000 bail (surely that bail didn’t come from Kieffer, unless his pipe business is really taking off…), and then Jenelle got right back on Twitter, letting her fans know that she’s ok:

And also letting the know that she really like Ed Sheeran:

OK! Exclusive: MTV Star Gives Relationship Advice to Jenelle Evans

Do you think Jenelle is just doing this to herself? Do you hope she gets help so she can finally realize her issues? Tweet us @OKMagazine or tell us on our Teen Mom Facebook page!

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OK! Exclusive: MTV’s New TV Star Tionna Smalls Gives Relationship Advice to Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and the Teen Moms

May 20, 2013 9:04 am0 comments
OK! Exclusive: MTV’s New TV Star Tionna Smalls Gives Relationship Advice to Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and the Teen Moms

You know how sometimes you watch a TV show and are instantly like, “OMG, I need to be that person’s best friend?” That’s how I’m feeling right now about Tionna Smalls. Her new show, Girl Get Your Mind Right, is all about empowering girls and giving them relationship advice, and it premieres tonight at 6pm on MTV.  But during our phone chat about it, I felt like we’ve known each other for years. She’s honest, and open, and so was our convo about, like, basically every single celebrity in Hollywood right now,

OK! Exclusive: The Kardashians Reveal Their Summer Tanning Tips

Anyway, read on to see what Tionna told me exclusively about her new show, her advice for regular ol’ girls (and guys) in the dating world, and her words of wisdom for celebs like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. Oh, and she told me which of the Teen Mom girls “needs an ass whooping.” Yup. It’s all below!

OK!: You were an author before this show came about. Where do you get all your relationship advice from? Personal experience?

TS: Some of it is from personal experience. I am 28 years old. I have a healthy dating life. I mean, I have men in my life, of course it’s from experience. But most of all, it’s from people around me as well. When I was a little kid, people were always asking me. I analyze things. I could be on the train and hear people talking about a relationship issue. That’s my hobby, so I listen. I will even butt in, like, excuse me, I know you weren’t talking to me, but this is what I think you should do. I mean, this has been going on since I was, like, eight-years-old. So, it’s funny.

OK!: Do random people on the streets appreciate your advice?

TS: Sometimes, yeah and other times they just look at you like you’re just a weirdo, like why are you talking to me? You know how New York City is. I’m born and raised in Brooklyn, so you know how that goes. 

OK! News: Full List of Nominees for MTV’s O Awards

OK!: You have a very tell-it-like-it-is approach. Has anyone ever been upset or offended by that?

TS: Yes, people get upset. I don’t think they can handle the truth. If you want the fluff, go ask mama for advice, you know?

OK!: What’s something you hope guys watching this show can learn about girls and relationships?

TS: That we are really loveable people. That it don’t take much to make us happy. You just got to be real and be a man, and we will be happy. You know, girls take so much crap from guys and if we had the same self-esteem that guys have, we would be really running the world, and I want to bring that back.  I want to bring that “women running the world. I’m every woman” movement back. That’s what Girl Get Your Mind Right is all about. It’s very empowering.

OK!: Love that! Are you dating or in a relationship right now?

TS: I’m like anti-relationships right now. I love dating. I have such a healthy dating life, sex life. It’s wonderful. I’ve been engaged before. I know how that feels to be in a relationship. I don’t like it that much. But when I am in a relationship, I look for security. I look for someone who is going to be a best friend. That’s my new thing. You’ve got to be friend to me first. I’ve got a lot of guys who want to be my man, but I let them know, you’ve got to be a good friend first. If you don’t have friendship, you don’t have everything. You don’t have everything. I need to know that we have no secrets. That’s how my parents are and that’s how I want to live my life. 

OK! Exclusive: How Much is Chelsea Houska Worth?

OK!: What’s one dating rule you, and all girls, should live by?

TS: One rule that I would never break when it comes to dating is dissing my friends. I have a lot of male friends. Like, I have a few female friends, but I have a lot of male friends. And I would never get ride of none of my friends for no man in my life. Men come and go, but my friends will always be there. That’s one rule that I will never break.

OK!: I love that rule because I feel the same way.

TS: Yup. I come with a package deal. These are my friends. These are people who have been there for me through thick and thin, and you’ve got to come along and, you don’t have to be uncomfortable because you have a male friend or no, bye. Girls break that rule too much. When they meet a guy, they get all open and, all of a sudden, they don’t like their friends. Their friends suck. Everybody sucks now. That’s where they are going wrong at. 

Photos: 13 Things We Learned from Teen Mom 2 Season 4

OK!: I see your Instagram page has tons of photos of Queen Latifah. Would you say that she’s your role model?

TS: I love Queen Latifah, especially because she’s a hood, New Jersey chick who really made it to the next level. I have a symbolic story about me and Queen Latifah. I was behind her in first class one day. That was a symbolic thing that I am only one step behind her. She was in 2b and I was in 3b. (laughs)

OK!: I want to talk about a few other celebrities and what relationship advice you’d give them. First, Miley Cyrus…

TS: Oh, yeah. Miley Cyrus and that man she is engaged with, Liam whatever his name is? Oh, yeah. They are a mess. They need to break up ASAP. She needs to single and be a hoe right now. Honestly. She needs to just go ahead and give up the cookies. She needs to explore her life. She don’t need to be engaged. She isn’t ready to be anybody’s wife.

OK!: I agree. What about someone like Taylor Swift who is sort of a serial dater?

TS: Taylor Swift is good with her serial dating. She has got to stop showing the guys in public. She needs to keep it more on the low until it is something that needs to be talked about. She go out in public with these guys and she’s doing too much. If she kept it on the low-low, you’ll be OK.

OK!: What about the Teen Mom girls? Do you know much about them?

TS: I studied them a little bit. Aw, man. I actually watched that episode with that boy Keiffer. He gave [Jenelle Evans] drugs and all that? Oh, no. I would really like for her to be on my show. She needs to get her mind right. Asap. He gave her drugs, she has a baby, she’s a mother. You got the other girl [Farrah Abraham] trying to be a porn star. These are all examples of lack of self-esteem. They need their ass whopped really if you ask me. 16-years-old, 18-years-old, acting like this. That’s why they need a good home beatin’. They need a beatin’. Honestly.

OK!: Have MTV hook it up and get them on the show! I think they could definitely use some help for sure.

TS: Yeah. I would love to do them and I would love for them to go crazy because I would be ready for them. I think they might need a real psychologist. I like that Dr. Drew hosted the reunion. They need a real doctor I think. 

OK!: Oh, yeah. Definitely. So on the other end of that, are there any celebrity couples that you think are perfect? 

TS: Jay-Z and Beyonce. Please. They are the best couple. They waited to get married, to have a kid. They waited until they were serious to make their relationship public. Celebrities just go ahead and tell everybody who they are dating. They don’t even know if it’s going to last next week. Beyonce and Jay-Z, they waited until they really knew that their love was true and that it would stand against the test of time. That’s beautiful. 

OK!: I agree. Aside from the people we mentioned earlier, who would be your dream celebrity client?

TS: Oh, Lindsay Lohan. She needs some help. I know she needs a psychiatrist, but I would love to help Lindsay. I would love to help Amanda Bynes. I want all of those white girls because I think they never had nobody to really keep it real with them and tell them, listen, you’re going to die. You need to get yourself together. You’re a mess. You look crazy. You’re a hot mess. They are going through identity crisis and I think they need help. I would love to help Lindsay though. Lindsay still has a little bit of potential. 

Poll: Vote For Your Favorite Jersey Shore Spin-off

OK!: Now that you’re on MTV, what were some of your favorite old-school MTV shows?

TS: Room Raiders! That was my show. Me and my first boyfriend, we used to watch that after school every day. Room Raiders. At 4 o’clock it used to come on.

OK!: Are there any current MTV stars you’re dying to meet?

TS:  I would want to see JWoww’s breasts to see whose breasts are bigger. We are going to compare our breasts one day. Me and JWoww. I call them them baby heads, yeah. We are going to compare our baby heads.

Photos: Best Performances from the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Girl Get Your Mind Right premieres tonight at 6pm on MTV! Are you excited about the show? What do you think of Tionna’s tell-it-like-it-is approach with real girls and celebrities? Tweet us @OKMagazine!

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OK! Investigates: Teen Moms 2 Money—Leah Messer Is Sitting Pretty, Find Out How Much She’s Worth!

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OK! Investigates: Teen Moms 2 Money—Leah Messer Is Sitting Pretty, Find Out How Much She’s Worth!

Unlike many of her fellow Teen Mom stars, Leah Messer has the luxury of having a supportive husband with a good job!

In addition, despite their past problems, the 21-year-old mom of three has a good working relationship with her ex, Corey Simms, who is the father of her twins, and he pays her regular child support—so how much is she worth? 

Leah Messer really does have it all! A loving and supportive husband, gorgeous kids and money in the bank!

In the second part of our Teen Moms 2 money special feature, breaks down what’s in Leah Messer’s bank account.

There have been numerous reports that Leah is considering quitting, if MTV do decide on a fifth season of the hit show—choosing instead to leave the drama behind and concentrate on being a wife and mom.

“I will NEVER let money take over my life! All I need is what I have.. Money will NEVER make me truly happy! It’ll never buy my happiness,” Leah tweeted back in January.


OK! Investigates: Teen Mom 2’s Money—You Won’t Believe How Much Jenelle Evans Is Worth!


That may well be the case, but Leah does have a solid nest egg sitting in the bank to fall back on if times get tough. According to a well placed source, Messer, in her own right, is worth in the region of $75,000, and that’s without taking into account her husband’s substantial earnings and her home ownership.

Leah, pictured here with hubby number two, Jeremy Calvert, has twin girls from her previous marriage


Leah married husband number two, Jeremy Calvert, in April 2012, and working as a pipeline engineer he brings home the bacon! 

OK! News: Find Out What the Real Housewives Get Paid

Calvert earns in the region of $200,000 a year and unlike many in America these days has no problem finding work. He was laid off from his last job in early March but managed to pick up a new gig with equal compensation and benefits in a matter of weeks.

Leah married Jeremy on April 4th 2012, they have a baby girl together

Like fellow Teen Mom, Jenelle Evans, Leah was paid $75,000 per season for the show, along with a $20,000 bonus—hwoever, unlike poor Jenelle, who is currently broke and living back at home with mom, Leah has managed to keep hold of her hard earned cash!


In addition, Leah recently started a part time work gig at a local tanning salon, Tanfastiq, which helps bring in some extra cash, in the region of $200 per week—and she loves it!

Jeremy earns the big bucks as a pipeline engineer, Leah works part-time in a tanning salon

“Working @tanFASTiq 10-4. Come see me, and tan your booty! #spraytan #levels1-5beds #teethwhitening #fitwrap We pretty much have it all!” She Tweeted back in March. “Love it here, you should be tanning here!”




Then there are the magazine deals.


Messer struck a deal with US Weekly for her wedding photos last year and then for the first baby photos of little Adalynn, who was born February 4th—that brought in an extra $12,000.

Leah gave birth to daughter Adalynn on February 4th


Finally, Corey pays Leah $700 a month in child support—the amount came under scrutiny last season after Leah’s mother claimed MTV edited the show to make it appear her daughter was being greedy and trying to squeeze as much money as possible from her ex.


Photos: We Play Matchmaker With the Teen Mom Babies


The truth of the matter though is that Leah is actually entitled to around $1,200 a month in support, but agreed to settle for much less, $100 less in fact than the $800 a month that she was shown agreeing upon in Teen Mom 2.

Leah and Jeremy own a three bedroom hone in Elkview, West Virginia


Messer has also been smart when it comes to spending her income—she and Jeremy own a three bedroom home in Elkview, West Virginia which is worth in the region of $300,000!


Not bad for a 21-year-old!


What do you think of Leah Messer’s financial situation, has she earned the money or had an easy ride? Sound off in the comments below and tweet us @OKMagazine

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Jenelle Evans Appears in Court on Drug Possession Charges. Find Out the Teen Mom’s Verdict

May 15, 2013 2:19 pm0 comments
Jenelle Evans Appears in Court on Drug Possession Charges. Find Out the Teen Mom’s Verdict

Despite the serious charges against Jenelle Evans stemming from her April arrest for drug possession, the Teen Mom 2 star appeared calm when she faced the judge in the Brunswick County District Court in North Carolina.

OK! News: You Won’t Believe How Much Jenelle Evans Is Worth!

The verdict? “Her court date has been continued by the State of N.C. until July 1, 2013,” Jenelle’s lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, told Wetpaint Entertainment on Tuesday, May 14. “I anticipate that she will be indicted before that court date. No new information was given but that is typical in felony cases still in district court for us.”

Even if Jenelle is indicted, Dustin has insisted that “the truth will come out over time.”

OK! News: Farrah Abraham’s Porn Partner Taking Her Pregnancy Scare Seriously

Dustin seems confident Jenelle’s husband, Courtland Rogers, would likely receive a guilty verdict.

“Courtland’s case was also today and was continued,” he noted.

OK! News: Teen Mom Week in Review: Farrah Takes a Pregnancy Test and More

As reported, cops were called to Jenelle”s North Carolina home in April following an alleged domestic dispute between the troubled 21-year-old and Courtland, whom she is accused of assaulting with a piece of furniture.

The mom-of-one was found with 12 bindles of heroin in her possession and the prescription painkiller Percocet, along with plastic wrapping paper and a glass smoking pipe, which is considered illegal drug paraphernalia. Jenelle was immediately arrested.

OK! News: Farrah Abraham May Be Pregnant!

It remains to be seen what punishment Jenelle will receive, but her lawyer says she was “very professional while in court.”

What do you think will happen in Jenelle’s case? Should she go free or would some time in jail help? Tell us in the comments section or on Twitter @OKMagazine

Jenelle Evans

Photo credit: 
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OK! Investigates: Teen Mom 2’s Money—You Won’t Believe How Much Jenelle Evans Is Worth!

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OK! Investigates: Teen Mom 2’s Money—You Won’t Believe How Much Jenelle Evans Is Worth!

When it comes to net worth, the Teen Moms ain’t got a patch on the Real Housewives!

Unlike their older, wealthier Bravo counterparts, MTV‘s reality star stable is not exactly rolling in the dough—in a special, exclusive, week long feature breaks down exactly what each of the main Teen Mom stars earn, where their income goes and what they are worth—starting with everyone’s favorite…. Jenelle Evans!

Despite earning in excess of $190,000 last year, Jenelle Evans is flat broke and living with her mom!

Not surprisingly, given her past drug habit (Jenelle insists she is now sober), lengthy arrest record and accompanying astronomical legal bills—not to mention the questionable boyfriends and fiancés—poor Jenelle, is literally, pretty much, well….. poor!

OK! News: Find Out What the Real Housewives Get Paid

Unlike other Teen Mom stars Jenelle’s contract forbids her from making paid appearances and from scoring magazine deals (unless arranged through MTV) so she is, in theory, unable to earn any supplemental income, although she does earn a “negligible” amount from a paid-to-tweet deal (around $10,000 a year).

Despite raking in a cool $190,000 last year ($75,000 for season three and $75,000 for season four of Teen Mom 2, plus $40,000 in bonuses) Evans is flat broke right now.


With just an estimated $1,500 in the bank (and that’s a generous assessment) the 21-year-old has very little to show for her reality TV exploits, and is so lacking in cash right now that she has even been forced to move back in with her mom!

Jenelle was arrested in April along with Courtland Rogers and charged with simple assault and possesion (of heroin)

In addition, Jenelle’s a total soft touch when it comes to her love life, and is often exploited for profit by those around her—when you see “exclusive” photos of Jenelle out and about it’s usually not her who has tipped off the paps in return for a kick back, but her latest boyfriend, or a hanger-on friend out to make a quick buck.

OK! News: Jenelle Evans’ Lawyer Dustin Sullivan Opens Up About Her Heroin Arrest

Then there are Jenelle’s sizeable outgoings!

Evans has struggled, very publicly, with addiction issues—and she has blown a significant chunk of change on hard partying.

She already has two trips to rehab under her belt and a slew of arrests too—racking up sizable legal bills in the process.

Jenelle was arrested four times in 2012 over accusations of stalking and alleged drugs possession and assault

Jenelle’s latest arrest occurred in April following an alleged assault on her husband Courtland Rogers—along with simple assault, Jenelle was also charged with possession with intent to manufacture, sell and deliver a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphrenelia—Rogers was charged too.


According to court documents, cops recovered 12 bindles of heroin, plastic wrapping paper and a glass smoking pipe at the time of the arrest, Jenelle is also facing an additional count of simple possession of a controlled substance, a misdemeanor, for having Percocet without a prescription.

Jenelle has proclaimed her innocence, insisting all drugs and paraphanelia belonged to Courtland.

Jenelle’s adorable son, Jace, lives with her mom Barbara who has full custody

Not surprisingly, out of Jenelle’s income, what didn’t go on partying has been blown on legal bills—the reality star posed for FOUR mug shots in 2012 alone!

She was busted on January 10th for allegedly making “harassing phone calls” and “communicating threats” to her former roommate, Hannah Inman.

Jenelle was arrested again just six days later, for “violating a domestic violence order” as she allegedly continued to threaten Inman.

Next up, Evans was charged with misdemeanor stalking in March, once again over her ex-roommate.

Then, Evans was arrested June 24, following a domestic dispute with then-fiance, Gary Head, she was charged with simple assault, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of Klonopin without a prescription.

Jenelle’s financial future is uncertain as she awaits news on if Teen Mom 2 will be renewed for another season

Jenelle also has to pay her mother Barbara $130 a month in child support as she continues to care for Evans’ son, Jace, who she has full custody of. At the time of Jenelle’s last arrest she was also served with a warrant for outstanding child support, but she has since settled the matter with her mom.

OK! News: Jenelle Court-Ordered to Stay Away from Courtland

So, what does the future hold for Jenelle? 

At the moment it’s up in the air as to whether there will be a season five of Teen Mom 2, so between her upcoming court appearance on her latest charges—she’s expected to be indicted by a grand jury and felony charges handled in Superior Court—and her hit show possibly being cancelled, Jenelle’s financial future continues to look uncertain right now.

Are you surprised by Jenelle’s financial situation? Sound off in comments below and tweet us @OKMagazine and be sure to come back tomorrow for all the details on Leah Messer’s finances!

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‘Teen Mom’ Week in Review: Farrah Takes a Pregnancy Test, Maci Reunites With Ryan and More

May 13, 2013 1:13 pm0 comments
‘Teen Mom’ Week in Review: Farrah Takes a Pregnancy Test, Maci Reunites With Ryan and More

It’s official—Farrah Abraham is the new Jenelle Evans. Both Teen Mom cast members are a mess lately, but in Jenelle’s defense, she’s just doing drugs and not having sex with random people for money, so she wins. Anyway, read on for this week’s Teen Mom weekly roundup where we tell you what our favorite ladies have been doing lately. Keep on readin’!

Photos: Cutest Teen Mom and Tot Moments Ever

Let’s start with Farrah Abraham. The latest with her is that TMZ spotted her at a drug store purchasing a pregnancy test. Farrah claims that she rarely ever has sex, so she’s most likely taking that test out of fear that she’s pregnant with James Deen, aka her porno partner’s, baby. But then again, she was wearing heels to the drug store and this looks like a photo opp, so we wouldn’t get nervous for her just yet:

Oh right, and we should probably also mention that even though Farrah said her porno-making days are a thing of the past, she’s rumored to have already set a date for a female threesome to happen. Alrighty then.

OK! Exclusive: What It Was Like To Be in the Audience of the Teen Mom 2 Reunion Show

Kailyn Lowry‘s got something to celebrate—Javi finally graduated from his Air Force training! She posted this adorable screen shot on Instagram. And never mind the improper spelling of his name:

And speaking of celebrating, could Tyler Baltierra be writing a book?! Catelynn Lowell‘s fiance is rumored to be penning a book about his life which is “pretty dark.” Considering he has an imprisoned father, a drug-addicted step mom and gave up a baby for adoption at 16 years old, we’d say that’s accurate.

And what were the mamas up to on Mother’s Day? Chelsea Houska spent Mother’s Day with her “little lady,” and also hit a major Twitter milestone at the same time. She reached 1 million followers and is the first Teen Mom 2 cast member to do so! Congrats, girl! Probably because all those people want to see cute pics of Aubree, which is pretty logical.

As for Jenelle Evans? She too was being a mom on moms day, spending the weekend at Myrtle Beach with Jace and some friends. Those curly fries look good.

Maci Bookout was hanging low with Bentley and oh yeah, her ex Ryan Edwards, on Mother’s Day. Not sure what this means exactly (probably nothing since we know she has a boyfriend), but this picture is just too cute for words.

Photos: Why Catelynn Lowell Is The Best Teen Mom Ever

Part 2 of the Teen Mom 2 reunion show airs tonight at 10pm on MTV! Are you sad the season is officially over tonight? What was your favorite Teen Mom story of the week? Tweet us @OKMagazine or check out orTeen Mom Facebook page!

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13 Things We Learned From ‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 4

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13 Things We Learned From ‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 4

It’s a sad, sad, day at when we have to say goodbye to our precious Teen Mom 2 peeps tonight after part 2 of the reunion! After part 1 of the Teen Mom 2 reunion last week, we’re feeling nostalgic and are going to take a look back on a few things we’ve learned this season on TM2.

OK! News: 10 Reasons Why Catelynn Lowell Is The Best ‘Teen Mom’ Ever

Allow us to give you a GIF recap of Jenelle, Kail, Chelsea and Leah‘s journey through season 4 of Teen Mom 2…and it’s going to be amazing. Ready? Go.

PS, don’t forget to tune into MTV tonight for part 2 of the Teen Mom 2 Reunion at 10pm ET!

OK! TV Awards: Vote for the Craziest Fan Base Out There!

It was probably for the best that Jenelle went to the Ke$ha concert. After all, she does have really good dance jams.

Being a felon is definitely illegal. You’re just so wrong on so many levels here, Kieff.

Chelsea needs to get over Adam and find her Prince Charming. We have a few guys in mind that would be perf. for Chels.

Oh, and Chelsea is officially a high school grad! Woo hoo!

Kail has completely moved on from Jordan. Thank goodness…he was weird.

It was a bumpy ride for Leah to get through her divorce from Corey.

It’s probably because her new hubs, Jeremy, is kind of Corey’s twin. Whatevs, we love Jeremy so it’s all good.

When Jo says silly things like this to Kail….

Kail’s just all…

Speaking of silly stuff, Corey finally got that new truck. Leah’s all…

Jenelle has run into some drug problems this season. Which her mom, Babs, is having a hard time understanding.

…like a really hard time understanding.

But really, they’re all gonna be just fine. Let’s just exploding pound it.

Do you have a favorite Teen Mom 2 season 4 moment? Are you hoping to see the show come back for a 5th season? Tweet us @OKMagazine or tell us on our Teen Mom Facebook page!

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EXCLUSIVE! What It Was Like To Be in the Audience at the Taping of the ‘Teen Mom 2′ Reunion Show

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EXCLUSIVE! What It Was Like To Be in the Audience at the Taping of the ‘Teen Mom 2′ Reunion Show

After every season of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 is a two-part reunion episode that’s a catch-up with Dr. Drew. Tonight, MTV is airing part 2 of the reunion show for Teen Mom 2, season 4 (got all those numbers?), and I am more excited to watch it than usual. Wanna know why? Because I was in the audience during the taping of the show.

Photos: Recap of the Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Finale

I went to the taping not as a member of the press but as an actual fan of the show who’s geniuniely invested (sometimes too much) in the lives of Chelsea, Kailyn, Jenelle and Leah. So when I got the invite to attend it at 10am on a Sunday, I didn’t care that it was early. I was in. And I’m going to tell you what transpired, because we all know that what you see on TV isn’t always how it goes down in real life…Oh, and ps, all the pics used in this article are Instagram pics the girls took during their trip to NYC to film the reunion show. Looks like they had fun!

First things first, my friend Rachel and I (who’s just as into Teen Mom as I am) arrived to the studio in NYC at 10am sharp. There was already a line to get in forming around the block so I was anxious. But as we waited on line, we started talking to other girls there, one of whom told me that she was there the day prior for the taping of the Teen Mom 3 season 1 reunion special. Wow. She’s pretty devoted. And BTW she was also approximately 18, so I officially felt old.

Poll: Vote for the Cutest Teen Mom 2 Kiss

Also, I should probably also mention that this whole thing happened in early November, when season 3 of Teen Mom 2 hadn’t even aired yet. When I found out that what we were taping that day was for season 4, not season 3, I was convinced it was never going to air and that I wouldn’t get my 15 minutes of fame, but alas, here we are.

Moving right along, we made our way into the studio, checked our coats and our phones (so we couldn’t take pics or leak info) and then the crew assigned each of us a seat number. We were told that the reunion show was going to tape in two parts—we were part 1 and would get to see the interviews with Jenelle and Kailyn (which aired last week). Part 2, which would show for a whole new group of audience members later that day, would get to see Leah and Chelsea. That’s the part that fans will get to see tonight on MTV.

We then had to fill out some forms saying that we wouldn’t disclose any information (I waited this long so I can’t get in trouble now) about the show and blah blah blah. Then we each took our seats (I was like, third row, second seat from the end, if you’re wondering) and waited for the cast to come out. The crew and the show’s producers let us ask them some questions before the girls came out (I wanted to ask them why they moved the show from Tuesday nights to Mondays but my friend insisted not) and we just hung out there waiting for something exciting to happen.

OK! News: All the Latest on Jenelle Evans’ Heroine Arrest

Then, the good stuff. All four girls came out and sat on the couch on the stage with Dr. Drew to their left (the audience’s right) and Dr. Drew did a quick interview with each of then, asking them how things are now and what’s changed since they stopped filming. Then Dr. Drew filmed the intro (you know, the one where he talks about everything the girls went through that season and how teen pregnancy sucks), which he had to redo quite a few times. On TV you see the perfect edited version, but during a taping, you see it go wrong and get messed up about 10 times. That happened.

Then, Jenelle stayed on the stage but the other three girls went backstage. Before the formal interview, they showed a summary video of everything that had happend to her over the course of the season. Granted, the audience hadn’t seen this season at all yet at the time, so everything that happened in that video was new information to us. I remember being shocked to find out that Jenelle and Kieffer did heroine (which we all found out about in the season finale) so I was super excited to hear what she was going to say about it to Dr. Drew.

And as we saw when it aired last week, Jenelle did not hold back. She talked about her engagement to and breakup with Gary Head, what her legal situation was at that very moment, and how the heroine thing we saw on TV was not the whole story. On the show, all we saw was Barbara and Mike breaking into Jenelle’s home and finding her and Kieffer with heroine syringes, but Jenelle said that what also happened was she was getting into trouble with Keiffer at his home in New Jersey, she got arrested and, after not having spoken to each other for weeks, cried to Barbara to bail her out. You could tell there was still some hostility between Babs and Jenelle, but what else is new.

OK! News: How Much Does the Cast of Teen Mom 2 Make?

Then later, Barbara came out to offer up her side and story and further discuss why she called the cops on Jenelle. You could tell she was a fan favorite as people clapped for her and laughed at all her comments. And let me just tell you, hearing her accent in person is even better than watching it on TV or reading it on Twitter. She is just the greatest. And also, so tiny and cute. And looks like she and Jace had fun during their NYC visit, eh?

Next, there was a bit of a break (but they didn’t let us leave to go to the bathroom because they didn’t want any empty seats in the audience, so that was awesome) as the crew rearranged the set to prepare for Kailyn. After’s Kail’s summary video debuted, Kail and Dr. Drew had a nice chat about married life with Javi, how big Isaac is getting and more. But things got ugly real quick. Dr. Drew told Kail and the audience that Jo and his girlfriend Vee were waiting backstage, and he wanted to bring them both out so that Kail and Vee could finally meet. You remember from watching the show that Kail had serious issues with Vee being around her son, and we finally find out why in the reunion show. Apparently there were pics circulating on the internet of Vee smoking pot and drinking, and Kail wasn’t comfortable with that kind of person being around her baby. Valid.

Watch: Cute Kid Keeks from the Teen Moms

So then, Dr. Drew brings Jo, and then Vee, on stage, and they all have an adult conversation until—wait for it—Kailyn storms off the set. I guess she felt like the other three were ganging up on her and she was just not comfortable meeting Vee for the first time in front of so many people. I definitely don’t blame her for that. But you all know that because you watched part 1 last week, right?

At this point we were running late on schedule and it was just about 4pm, so unfortunately we didn’t get to find out what happened after that. But having watched part 1 last week, I know now that Kail got over it and brought out Javi on stage which was just so cute. And meanwhile, this was happening backstage, so yeah:

I didn’t want to leave because I kinda really wanted to see what Chelsea had to say about Adam and what Leah thought of married life (also, I later learned that this was when she announced her pregnancy with Adalynn), but on the way out we all got free pizza so it was a win/win situation for everyone. Excited to see what Chelsea and Leah tell Dr. Drew tonight though!

Photos: Teen Mom Stars Who Have Projects Outside the Show

Don’t forget, part 2 of the Teen Mom 2 reunion show airs tonight at 10pm on MTV! Are you excited to watch the reunion show? Do you think the girls will be back for a season 5? Tweet us @OKMagazine or leave a comment on our Teen Mom Facebook page!

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Dr. Drew Reveals How He Really Feels about Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham

May 3, 2013 8:39 am0 comments
Dr. Drew Reveals How He Really Feels about Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham

Miss Dr. Drew at all? We’ll see him back on TV next Monday when he hosts the Teen Mom 2 reunion special on MTV, which, trust us, is going to be eventful. But also noteworthy is what Dr. Drew had to say recently about two Teen Mom stars—Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham. 

Photos: A Look Back at Teen Pregnancy in Movies

The doc did an interview with Zach Sang and the Gang radio show and when asked about Jenelle, um, Dr. Drew didn’t exactly hold back. He said, “Jenelle, I don’t think, would be any different whether she was on Teen Mom or not. She needs long-term treatment. She is a Lindsay Lohan-style situation.”

OK! News: See The Pics from Farrah Abraham’s Porno

Ouch. He went there. But as for Farrah? Dr. Drew isn’t game for Farrah’s sex tape, saying, “Farrah is making horrible, horrible choices. Let’s say she takes that $2 million and opens a restaurant, which has always been her dream, how are you going to talk a 21, 22-year-old out of that? I just don’t know. But she is not my patient, she is not my kid.”

Vote: Cutest Kissing Moments from Teen Mom 2

Yikes. See more of what Dr. Drew tells the teen mom on Monday at 10pm during the Dr. Drew Catch-up special! Do you think Dr. Drew has a point? Is Jenelle like Lilo? Tweet us @OKMagazine and tell us on our Teen Mom Facebook page!



Jenelle Evans Dr Drew

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10 Best Keeks of the Week From Jenelle Evans, Kim Kardashian and More

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Things got seriously fishy in this week’s celeb Keek videos. Mom-to-be Kim Kardashian and the rest of the Kardashian crew took beauty to the next level and went feet fishing and the whole thing was caught on Keek.

Photos: First Look at Images from Farrah Abraham’s New Porno

Remember the Teen Mom feud between Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham last week? Well they both Keeked this week and let us in on what they’re up to….and oh, how the tables have turned! One of them can’t escape the negative buzz while the other is busy saving animal lives. Want to find out which one? Check out that video and all the best Keeks from this week below!

Watch: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Have No Current Plans to Marry

Farrah Abraham – We’ve heard Farrah try to justify her sex tape a million times by now. This week, after her sex tape sold, looks like Farrah is having a change of heart about keeping it “private”. See what she had to say in her Keek below…

Kylie Jenner – OK! is pretty pumped to see Brody Jenner getting behind the E! cameras with his family. Kylie posted this hilarious vid of the two of them dancing in Greece and it just makes us so happy. 

Jenelle Evans - Looks like Jenelle has not only rescued herself but she’s helping rescue a cute little turtle from the side of the road. Turtle shells over jail cells!

Photos: The Best Selfies Taken By the Casts of ‘Teen Mom’ and ‘Teen Mom 2′

Kourtney Kardashian - Just as easily as Kourt pulled Mason out, she’s letting tons of fish eat the dead skin off her feet like it’s no big deal.

Victoria Justice - We give Victoria huge props for being able to hold this enormous lobster. Better you than us, Vic.

Khloe Kardashian – Who knew Kylie had such serious dance moves? New music video?! Yes, please.

Watch: Does Khloe Kardashian Approve of Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner?

Brody Jenner – This is exactly why we’re so grateful that Brody is in the picture. He captures moments like Lord Disick getting a fish pedi. Do fish count as peasants?

Carlos Pena – So. Hot. We are swooning over this goose bump-inducing 36 second performance from Carlos. Prepare to melt…

Photos: Guess The Engagement Rings Of Your Favorite Reality Stars

Kim Kardashian – This might just be the best Kim K. Keek we’ve ever seen. Kim’s feet take a dip in a fish filled tub of water and she freaks out. Enjoy…

Chelsea Houska – As if we didn’t already have a million reasons to tune into Teen Mom 2, here’s the cutest little announcement from none other than Aubree.

Photos: The Cutest Couples of the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Do you have a favorite Keek from this week? Who is your favorite celebrity to follow on Keek? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @OKMagazine.

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Police! Celeb Interventions! Amanda Bynes’ Dramatic Confrontation—and the Shocking Tweets That Followed

May 2, 2013 9:11 am0 comments
Police! Celeb Interventions! Amanda Bynes’ Dramatic Confrontation—and the Shocking Tweets That Followed

Everybody is talking about Amanda Bynes—whether it be out of love, concern or pure fascination. Even Teen Mom Jenelle Evans reached out to to express her alarm.

— Jenelle Evans (@PBandJenelley_1) May 2, 2013

It seems the entire bizarre situation is coming to a head. Jonathan Jaxson, reportedly one of Amanda’s former publicist, went as far as trying to get the New York Police Department involved after he had a disturbing conversation with the star on May 1.

— Jonathan Jaxson (@jonathanjaxson) May 2, 2013

Even Jenny McCarthy got involved in the drama! Right after Jonathan’s revelation, in a tweet that she’s since deleted, Jenny wrote: “Police are at @AmandaBynes house. I hope they get her help. Enough of this circus. She needs help.”

It turns out the police never went to Amanda’s house. Jonathan later explained why:

— Jonathan Jaxson (@jonathanjaxson) May 2, 2013

— Jonathan Jaxson (@jonathanjaxson) May 2, 2013

— Jonathan Jaxson (@jonathanjaxson) May 2, 2013

Amanda never commented on Jonathan’s efforts to get involved. Instead, she focused her rage on 40-year-old Jenny!

Ouch. Jenny later apologized for spreading misinformation.

— Jenny McCarthy (@JennyMcCarthy) May 2, 2013

And Amanda accepted!

— Amanda Bynes (@AmandaBynes) May 2, 2013

Phew! It’s hard to keep up with Amanda!

Is all the worry for Amanda warranted or is she going to be just fine on her own? Weigh in on Twitter @OKMagazine


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Amanda Bynes

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‘Teen Mom 2′ Recap: How @BabsEvansMTV Would Respond to Tonight’s Super Emotional Finale

April 30, 2013 8:04 am0 comments
‘Teen Mom 2′ Recap: How @BabsEvansMTV Would Respond to Tonight’s Super Emotional Finale

Now that you’ve basically run out of every single tissue in your house, we think it’s time to discuss that epic, supersized Teen Mom 2 finale. We’re going to assume this is the series finale since it doesn’t seem like season 5 is happening (wah!), which makes the whole thing more emotional. The way they edited the last few minutes of each girls’ story, it was like we were watching The Notebook. Or something else that makes you cry alot.

OK! News: What Chelsea, Jenelle and Kailyn Were Up to This Week

So keep scrolling to see what happened with Chelsea, Kailyn, Leah and Jenelle and how @BabsEvansMTV would wrap up their stories in her oh-so-eloquent accent. Ready, go…

Chelsea Houska oversleeps for her first day back at beauty school, and on her second day back at school, Aubree locks Chelsea out of her room because she didn’t want to wake up. But in the end, Chelsea makes it back. Papa Randy is thrilled, but he’s even more thrilled when Chelsea tells him “I don’t think I could ever see myself with Adam.” Hallelujah.

@BabsEvansMTV would say: “HALLELUJAH is RIGHT! Ya FINALLY realizin’ that Adam’s a no good loosa? I’m proud ah ya! Ya growin’ UP!”

OK! News: Jenelle and Farrah’s Awkward Feud

Kailyn Lowry has quite an eventful episode. First she and Javi go to the court house to make their marriage official, and a few days later, Javi has to leave for his military training which means he’d be away from Kail and Isaac for weeks. Watching their goodbye in the parking lot was probably the most heart-breaking moment ever, yet also the cutest. We dunno about you but seeing grown men cry is sometimes pretty adorable.

@BabsEvansMTV would say: “Ya’ll AH the CUTEST couple, Kailyn! I just hope Jo is right and ya gettin’ married is a good decision in ten YEAHS!”

Leah Messer takes the whole gang (her mom, step dad, Jeremy, Corey, and Corey’s dad) to support her during a few days of medical testing with Ali in Ohio. After some tests and a surgery, they find out that Ali definitely has a muscle and nerve problem but that she’ll probably walk. That’s great, but we still feel like we need more answers. Like, what’s the name of her disease? What can they do to fix it? Still so many q’s!

@BabsEvansMTV would say: “Don’t ya feel betta that ya finally know what’s going on with ya dawta? I’m happy for youz and ya family.”

Jenelle Evans is dealing with more legal drama this week, but nope, it has nothing to do with Gary, Courtland, or even Kieffer. Turns out Barbara and Mike went into Jenelle’s apartment in the middle of the night to confront her about her drug problems and they found her and Kieffer with heroine syringes (!!) in the bed. Next thing we know, Barbara calls the magistrate to get Jenelle checked out by a psychiatrist and Kieffer presses charges against Barbara and Mike for trespassing. The episode ends with Babs crying, Jace asking for his mommy, and Jenelle and Kieffer kissing while very obviously drugged up. Sounds about right.

@BabsEvansMTV would say: “I still can’t believe she pressed CHAHGES on ha own motha! I was scared for ha that she was gonna lose ha LIFE! I hope she enjoys ha life with Kieffah.”

Photos: How @BabsEvansMTV Recapped Last Week’s Teen Mom 2

Well, that’s a wrap, folks. What’d you think of the finale? Did you cry? Whose story made you the most emotional? Tweet us @OKMagazine and tell us on our Teen Mom Facebook page. Tells @BabsEvansMTV too! She wants to hear from ya.

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‘Teen Mom’ Week in Review: Chelsea Gets a Kiss, Jenelle and Farrah Feud and More

April 29, 2013 1:30 pm0 comments
‘Teen Mom’ Week in Review: Chelsea Gets a Kiss, Jenelle and Farrah Feud and More

Between Jenelle Evans‘ heroine arrest last week and her Twitter feud with Farrah Abraham today, we cannot keep up with the Teen Mom crew. But we do anyway, and then we share the latest scoop with you guys. Keep reading to see what drama unfolded this week!

OK! Exclusive: Leah and Corey Find Out What’s Wrong With Ali

Well first, we should probably let you know that the Farrah Abraham sex tape saga has an end. Maybe. Farrah sold her sex tape for a cool $1 million and gave it the glorious title of “Farrah Superstar—Backdoor Teen Mom.” Do with that what you will. But in other news, Farrah’s mom Debra sent a sappy note to Farrah and Sophia (who now live in Texas, if you remember) saying how much she loves them and misses them. Here it is:

OK! News: Catch Up on Last Week’s Teen Mom Gossip

Catelynn Lowell? Oh ya know, she’s just growing out her hair. Look at this adorable Instagram pic she posted with the caption “Please grow faster hair!””

And speaking of hair, Chelsea Houska (who has the greatest hair ever) might have a boyfriend! She posted this adorable Insta of herself kissing some guy named Dave. Maybe he’s just a friend from her beauty school or something, but either way, he’s cute and we want her to have a boyfriend since Adam is clearly getting pretty serious with his new girlfriend slash baby mama, Taylor…

In other cuteness news, this new pic of Leah Calvert’s daughters is probably the best thing we’ve seen all day. She posted this pic on her Twitter page (Leah needs to get on Instagram ASAP!) and we are overwhelmed:

And lastly, we need to share with you this adorable Twitter convo that Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle had about her mom’s fake account, @BabsEvansMTV. Clearly we’re not the only fans of the spoof Twitter:

Photos: @BabsEvansMTV Recaps Last Week’s Teen Mom 2

Don’t miss the 90 minute long season finale of Teen Mom 2 tonight! What do you think was the biggest gossip this week? Are you sad the show is coming to an end? Tweet us @OKMagazine and leave us a comment on our Teen Mom Facebook page!


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